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Luxurious high tea at Restaurant Savarin

If someone mentions going on a high tea, you know they mean an afternoon tea served with small snacks.. These snacks can be both sweet and savoury and it strongly appeals groups of girlfriends spending some quality time together. Nowadays there are a lot of cafés and restaurants which offer high tea arrangements. I have visited many high teas and the luxurious one was the one at the Restaurant, Hotel & Spa Savarin in Rijswijk.

This year Savarin received The MICHELIN Plate, which means they are praised for their cooking, where they use fresh ingredients and presented a good meal. Savarin is known for its French cuisine with international influences. The restaurant is situated in a huge farmhouse. Besides eating there, you can also stay there for a night or visit their spa. My friend and I only went for the high tea.

The restaurant is situated between Delft and The Hague and as we took the tram from Delft, it didn’t take long before we got there. Savarin was very big and it looked very cosy. At the entrance one will be greeted by tables surrounded by sofas. It looked like a luxurious living room. We were seated there for the high tea. And if you walk further inside the building you will see a beautiful restaurant. It looked very fancy.

The high tea started when we both got our own tea pot. There was also a tea box with different flavours we could choose from. We could let our teapot be refilled whenever we wanted. It differs per high tea what dishes you get and how they will be presented to you.

At Savarin we got our dishes in several rounds. In our first round we got a quiche with goat cheese and three sandwiches with different filling, namely mackerel, meat and eggs with sandwichspread.

In our second round we got risotto with parsnip and carrot and a lentil soup which was served in a cup.

Then we got sweet stuff! We had scones with jam and cream, macaroons, cookies, brownie and bonbons covered with gold layer. And last but not least, as final course we had custard and warm apple in a chocolate cup.
You can imagine we were super full! It was a surprising and satisfying high tea with a great mixture of interesting bites. I would love to come here again and try something new. This high tea looks expensive, but it wasn’t. We used a coupon from the Albert Heijn where you got the second high tea for free. You can also use Groupon or other discount options. Besides eating there you can also go to the spa, stay there for the night, have a wedding there or even arrange meetings. A lot is possible and it is certainly worth the visit.


Restaurant, Hotel & Spa Savarin
Laan van Hoornwijck 29
2289 DG Rijswijk

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