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Cute and creative cakes at Round&Round

Everytime I go to Asia I crave for the Asian sweet stuff which can hardly be found here in the Netherlands. Do you like drinks or food with matcha, yuzu, red beans or sesame paste? Then you know what I mean. Recently you can find these flavours more and more in our little country. When I heard about the café and cake shop Round&Round in my hometown Rotterdam, I knew I wanted to try it out at once. Now I have already been there a couple of times! Curious about what they have? Read more about it below.
Matcha cakes and matcha drinks
Round&Round is owned by the two Chinese girls Bing and Chao who wanted to bring something new and inspiring to our little country in the form of cute and creative cakes. When you enter their shop you see it is a cosy little place which has a Japanese feel to it. At the counter you can see they have different kind of cake rolls in different flavours, like matcha, charcoal, coffee, cacao or yuzu. They also have different kinds of cakes. Some are limited, like the cherry flower yoghurt cheese cake I had tasted.

Japanese pancakes

Round&Round hand drawn menuI thought they only had cakes, but when I came for lunch one day I saw they also had different kind of Japanese pancakes. You could see them displayed in their cute self-drawn menu. I really love matcha, so I chose the pancake with homemade matcha sauce and strawberry, while my friend took the one with farm butter and local honey. They also had a lot of matcha drinks. I decided to go for the matcha latte with red beans, my two favourite flavours, and my friend choose ice matcha latte.

As you can see in the picture you get three thick pancakes on top of each other. The mine got strawberry and matcha in between, while my friend had butter and honey between her pancakes. Don’t eat anything before this! It is quite filling. I liked the combination of the fluffy pancake with the sweet strawberry and the matcha taste. Our drinks were also heavenly! The combination of matcha and red beans is just perfect. There are also real pieces of red beans in the matcha latte. Some people might find that strange, but for me it makes it more authentic.

Japanese pancakes and matcha drinks Japanese matcha pancake

High tea time

I attend two high teas. One is the normal one and the other is the light version. As a starter we got yuzu tea with orange peel. Then we could choose what tea we wanted. They had loose tea from the Biological teashop InfitiTea. The tea was put in little boxes where you could smell them and also readwhat health reasons each tea has. Tea from InfiniTeaThey also let us all choose one piece of cake roll to add to the high tea. As you can see we got so many different things, like matcha pudding, dorayaki pancakes, crackers, different cakes, cookies and chocolate. It was surprising to have so much different things to try out. And especially lots of matcha stuff!

High tea with matcha and other sweet stuff at Round&Round
Normal high tea
High tea with matcha
Light version of high tea

If you like sweet stuff with an Asian twist to it, then Round&Round is the place to be for you. Besides hanging around for a drink or bite, you can also follow one of their workshops, like the Japanese matcha ceremony workshop. You can also take home cakes or order a handmade birthday cake. If you go to Round&Round you should really try out there matcha products. You can really taste that that is their speciality. I can’t wait to go there again!

AddressRound&Round Rotterdam
Hoogstraat 55A
3011 PG Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Opening hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11:00–18:00
Wednesday: 11:00–18:00
Thursday: 11:00–18:00
Friday: 11:00–18:00
Saturday: 11:00–18:00
Sunday: 12:00–17:00

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