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Red velvet hotspots

Red velvet cake! You have probably heard about this sweet, reddish cake. Flown over from America it has become more and more popular here in the Netherlands. There are a few cafes and shops that sell red velvet cake. Read more about the places I have visited.

The traditional American red velvet cake consists of a red or red-brown layered sponge cake with creamcheese filling between it and on top of it. It is mostly sprinkled with white chocolate. The red color comes from dying a chocolate cake red with beetroot or red food coloring.


The first time I tasted a red velvet cake was at the bubbletea shop 8Tea5. I visited it with a friend of mine. I already heard good things about the cake and when I saw there, I really wanted to try it. It was good, but very very sweet. To me the red part tasted more like normal cake.

8tea5 red velvet cake

This bubbletea shop is specialized in bubble tea, summer tea and coffee. Besides red velvet cake they also sell oreo cake. You can find 8Tea5 not only in Arnhem, but also in The Hague, Antwerp and Brussels.


The second time I got to try the red velvet cake was at Dudok. This one was not too sweet, but look at how pinkish it looks! I did like it better, especially the white chocolate and cream filling. Later I discovered that Dudok also have a brown velvet cake and a yellow velvet cake which is based on passion fruit. I didn’t taste any passion fruit at all and it was too sweet. I didn’t tasted the brown one, but would be just be a chocolate cake?

Cakes, Dudok Den Haag  Dudok Yellow Velvet Cake

Dudok is a great place for a cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, drink or dinner. They are famous for their apple pie, which I recommend you to try! Dudok has two pastry shops in Rotterdam and different restaurants in Rotterdam, The Hague, Tilburg and Arnhem.

Emi’s Cookies & Cakes

After my first two experiences with red velvet, I thought it was just a sweet cake, till I tasted the red velvet cake from Emi. She is a friend and colleague from work and she loves to cook and bake. I am happy to have the chance to taste some of her creation, one of them was a red velvet cake. The white cream wasn’t that sweet, but nice and creamy. The red velvet had a nice light taste to eat. The combination was perfect! She even made a red velvet cake with beautiful butter rose cake for my birthday. The roses are so pretty, but too buttery to eat too much of it. But I really loved the cake!

Emi's cookies and cakes red velvet cake with butter roses   Emi's cookies and cakes red velvet cake with butter roses

See all her creations on her Facebookpage. You can even order a customized cake from her!

De Drie Graefjes

My most recent destination was De Drie Graefjes in Amsterdam. Everyone was telling me about this red velvet cake here and I knew I had to try it also. I was amazed how big the red velvet cake was! We got one massive piece! The one we received, tasted a bit dry, but luckily they gave us a new one. This one wasn’t dry. It was nice and creamy, but also supersweet and very filling.

De Drie Graefjes red velvet cake   

De Drie Graefjes is situated at different places in the centre of Amsterdam and you can come there for lunch or enjoy their delicious cakes. I visited the one at Rokin and I also tasted their passion fruit cheesecake and carrot cake. They are also great! I heard their apple pie is also good. I should try it next time 🙂


If you like to eat something biologic and even vegetarian or vegan, then Spirit is the place to be. You can come here for lunch or dinner and you can choose from their large assortment of the buffet and combine your own meal. The costs are dependent on how much your plate weights. Besides this delicious food, they have different varieties of drinks and cakes and one of them is a red velvet cake. This cake looks really beautiful and I love the flavour! The red velvet gets it’s color from beetroot and the white cream is made from white chocolate. It didn’t taste too sweet or too fatty. It was a perfect balance that melts away in your melt, so heavenly! I could eat more than one piece if I wanted! Red velvet cake at Spirit RotterdamCheck out their website for more information:

Red velvet everywhere!

While it started with this delicious cake, there are more and more products where they put red velvet in, like this red velvet Kitkat with white chocolate. It taste less sweet than the normal white Kitkat and I like it more. And they also have these red velvet Oreo, which are simply delicious! I got them both from a friend of mine who went to New York.

red velvet kitkat   Red velvet Oreo cookies


Besides red velvet cakes and the red velvet Kitkat en Oreo I mentioned, there is also red velvet ice cream! Yes, you heard it right. This it at Qookies in The Hague. Off course I had to try that. The ice cream really taste like the real thing! They also have red velvet cake, but I haven’t tried that. Maybe next time? 🙂

Qookies red velvet ice cream

Qookies is a dessert house which offers different hot and cold drinks and desserts from all of the world. Flavours like Oreo, Kitkat, Daim, Bounty and M&M, you just name it and they have it! You can come and eat waffles, ice cream, cake, cookie dough and have a milkshake, hot or cold drinks. Enough sweetness for everyone!

Corner Bakery Amsterdam

Another place to check out is Corner Bakery Amsterdam. Situated between Albert Cuypmarkt and Museumplein in the heart of Amsterdam, this is a perfect location for breakfast or lunch. Take into account that it is always busy. Sometimes you have to wait a while before you get a seat. I went here because they had red velvet pancakes and I really wanted to try them! The pancakes are served with fresh fruit, maple syrup and whip cream. The pancakes are nice and soft and have a good bite. What I do miss is the fluffy, egg flavour that would make the pancake more creamy. The pancakes also didn’t have much of the red velvet flavour in it. So the pancakes were nice, but could have been better.

Red velvet pancakes Corner bakery Amsterdam

Corner Bakery Amsterdam has more interesting dishes and drinks and it is worth the visit. Read more about them at their Facebookpage:

In the Netherlands you can find more and more places where they sell red velvet cakes or other red velvet products. Which places have you tried out? Let me know! I would love to try them too!


15 thoughts on “Red velvet hotspots

  1. I had a piece at Dudok a few days ago and was so disappointed. It lacked flavour – just any at all. And it was way too pink and artificial looking. As if they’d added red food colouring to a white cake – instead of to a chocolate cake. Maybe I should just stick to their apple pie in future. But now I have a nice list of other places to try red velvet cake!

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    1. I am glad to be of help. The other places are much better to eat red velvet. 😋 I love to hear what you think of them when you have been there.


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