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Matcha hotspots in Rotterdam

Matcha tea, matcha powder, matcha ice cream, matcha cake…. Yes! Everything matcha! I am crazy about this greenish stuff with it’s origin from Japan. Matcha products are becoming more and more known here and many restaurants and cafes already sell products containing matcha. I visited many of these places already and I am happy and surprised that there are so many places to get it.

In this post I will only focus on food products made with matcha and not the tea itself. I will start with matcha hotspots in my hometown Rotterdam. This city has been very innovative lately. A lot of new restaurants and cafes with interesting concepts pops up everywhere. And a lot sell matcha products!


Round&Round is a cake shop and cafe which is opened by two Chinese girls. They wanted to bring something new and inspiring to cake lovers in Holland and designed their own cakes with Asian flavours, especially with influence from the Japanse culture They sell soo many different matcha products, it feels like matcha heaven! Do you want matcha latte, matcha cake, matcha pancakes, matcha cookies or matcha chocolate? Just name it and they have it! The flavour is really good and there is a good balance between the bitter matcha flavour and the sweetness of the other product it is combined with. Crazy for all their matcha products? Try their matcha high tea!

Read more about them in my other blog article and on their website:

Hoogstraat 55A
3011PG Rotterdam

Foo Concepts

On the same street, but a few shops from Round&Round away, we have another Asian cafe which goes by the name of Foo Concepts. This is an Asian Fusion Lifestyle Cafe, but also an Egg Waffle Bar. Their main product is the egg waffle, also called the bubble waffle or egg bubble (鸡蛋仔 gai daan zai) due to the bubble like shape of the waffle. The egg waffle is a famous street food in Hong Kong. Normally only the egg waffle is eaten, but it is now more popular to eat it by adding ice cream and pretty decorations on it. At Foo Concepts you can choose to add matcha ice cream with it. The matcha ice cream is really delicious and I like the flavour of it. The egg waffle is handy to eat by breaking off a little bubble. The waffle has a real waffle flavour to it and it is nice and crumbly.

Besides the egg waffle they also sell different drinks, like matcha latte or red dates with goji tea. And they have more matcha stuff! Like a vanilla sponge cake with matcha I tried. This one was very soft and creamy, although I missed a hard or crunchy texture to it. But I was glad it was not that sweet. They also have more matcha snacks, like a chia seed pudding with matcha and coconut. Regularly they post online new things they have made, like a matcha sponge cake with black sesame cream or other Asian flavours like strawberry yuzu cheesecake. Check their Facebook for the latest updates of their delicious snacks.

Foo Concepts
Hoogstraat 67A
3011PH Rotterdam

Takumi Düsseldorf Netherlands

One of my favourite foodspots is Takumi Düsseldorf Netherlands. A ramen noodle restaurant from Düsseldorf with ramen from the sapporo region of Japan. Besides serving these wonderful ramen and other Japanese dishes, they have delicious desserts. A lot with matcha also! From the beginning they had a matcha toast and matcha plate. Besides matcha ice cream and matcha powder, the matcha plate also has other (Asian) snacks with it, like dorayaki and mochi. I really love the variety in the matcha plate. The matcha toast contains too much bread, so I didn’t like that too much.Matcha plate

They want to introduce more matcha desserts. When they do I really want to try it too! Read more about Takumi in my other blog article and follow them on Facebook.

Takumi Düsseldorf Netherlands
West-Kruiskade 9b
3014AJ Rotterdam

Lilith Coffee

Lilith Coffee has opened at the Nieuwe Binnenweg in July and that is just around the corner for me! I didn’t know it was there till I some posts online of their matcha pancakes. That’s the power of social media! And yes, I had to go and try it out. It’s a nice and cosy place with a large terrace. You can come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner (from the 25th of August). The pancakes were really nice, but the sauce was a bit sweet. You didn’t taste a lot of matcha flavour, but the pancakes had the right texture and a delicious creamy flavour.Matcha pancakes

Lilith Coffee also has lots of other interesting drinks and food, like the turmeric latte and chilli chocolate cake I also tried. There is more on their menu I would love to try, so they will see me there again soon. Check them out on their website:

Lilith Coffee
Nieuwe binnenweg 125H
3014GJ Rotterdam

De IJssalon

If you ask someone in Rotterdam where to eat ice cream, the chances are high that they will say De IJssalon. With four locations in Rotterdam and two outside they are the most well-known ice cream bar in Rotterdam. The ice cream is made with only fresh products, like fresh fruit, fresh juice and natural milk, cream and sugar. They think of different flavours every time. One of them is matcha flavour. I tried it and it really has the delicious matcha flavour to it! I was so happy to have tried it. I tried the ice cream at the location at De Meent, which is their main location. At the location at the West-Kruiskade I didn’t saw this flavour at the beginning. Now I did see it. So if you want to try it and see it, go for it!Green matcha icecream

Follow them on Facebook and check their website for the other locations:

De IJssalon Meent
Meent 69a
3011 JD Rotterdam

Set noodle Rotterdam

With their first restaurant in the Hague, Set noodle Rotterdam opened later and is based on noodle and hotpot. I actually haven’t seen any hotpot on their menu since they opened, but they also have rice dishes. Besides meals you can try out different desserts and drinks.

Matcha latte Matcha cheesecake

They have a large variety of matcha drinks, both hot and cold, like hot matcha cream and chocolate or cold matcha vanilla. I like the varieties they have, but it does taste a little bit too watery and the matcha flavour is not that strong. The desserts they have are cheesecakes, round ones and also in a Hello Kitty shape. Matcha is one of their flavours. The cheesecakes are really nice and have a soft and creamy structure. But it is so small and quite expensive for what you pay for it.

Matcha icre cream

They also have a traditional matcha ice cream dessert. You get a cup with vanilla ice cream and a cup with pure matcha sauce. You pour the sauce over the ice cream and eat it. I found this very surprising, but also a bit disappointing, because in the cup of ice cream was frozen ice also. So you couldn’t let everything in your cup melt.

I am a bit disappointed by what Set Rotterdam offers, I like the one in The Hague better. There service at this location is also quite slow. So this place is not on my top list of places to go, but I still wanted to mention it here as a matcha hotspot. Read more about them and the other locations of Set on their website:

Set Noodle & Hotpot
West-kruiskade 10B
3014AP Rotterdam

Matcha latte spots

There are more places that have matcha latte on their menu, so if you eat somewhere, check their menu. Some places I know are Bagels and Beans, YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, Spirit and Charlie’s Kitchen. I am sure there are more places where they serve matcha drinks. If you know any, just let me know!Matcha latte at bagels and beans

Spirit restaurant Matcha latte at Charlie's Kitchen

Matcha shopping

If you are curious about some matcha candy, snack, ice cream or tea, you should definitely go to the two Asian supermarkets: Amazing Oriental or Wah Nam Hong and check out their assortment.

Matcha icecream at Amazing Oriental

Besides having several locations in Rotterdam, they are also located in other cities in the Netherlands. Check it on their website:
Amazing Oriental:
Wah Nam Hong:

Have you tried these matcha hotspots already? If you know more matcha places in Rotterdam or other cities, just let me know! I would love to try it out!

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