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Proeft Rotterdam 2017: Taste the street

Food Trucks and food festivals are being organised frequently. Rotterdam has different food festivals throughout the year. One of them is Proeft Rotterdam which has been organized every year since 2011. It is held only one day at the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. This year it was on Sunday the 24th of September. I came across this event on my Facebook timeline and decided to check it out together with a friend. Luckily the weather was very nice.

For the festival a part of the street was blocked, so the tram and cars couldn’t go through this street. On one side there were benches and tables for people to sit and on the other side the food trucks. Proeft Rotterdam focuses on craftsmanship and durability. So you can find a lot of local products and also biologically ones. There was a variety in food trucks present, like the Italian Mangiare Rotterdam, the American The BBQ-trailer and the English PieMan. Also food trucks with sweet stuff were there, like the delicious cocos from Madame Cocos.

We tried the steak pie at PieMan, which is one of the traditional English pies. This pie was made with biological beef and mushrooms that has been stewed in red wine. It was a really good pie full of flavour. There was a lot of meat in it and you didn’t taste any red wine. You can also choose other flavours, like minced lamb, pulled pork, Surinamese pom, lentils with curry or spinach with feta.

Besides the pie, we also tasted the gözleme from Kaya Meze. This is a traditional Turkish flatbread with filling inside. This one was with feta and spinach. They used fresh spinach and it only took a few minutes for them to make it. It is a nice snack.

Food festivals like Proeft Rotterdam are really nice to visit. It gives you the chance to get to know a lot of different kitchens that are available here in the Netherlands. Read more about Proeft Rotterdam on their facebookpage:

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