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KitKat Chocolatory pop-up store at Utrecht CS

Are you a Kitkat or chocolate lover living in the Netherlands? Then I have good news for you! From now till the 23rd of December you can visit the KitKat Chocolatory pop-up store at Utrecht Central Station. It is open since the 30th of November and many curious travellers have already dropped by.

In the Netherlands we only have a limited selection of flavours of normal KitKat and KitKat Chunky bars, but if you are familiar with the KitKat in Japan, you know they have much more flavours, like matcha, sweet potato, red beans or soya.

Special editions

In this KitKat store you can find 6 special editions. One of them is called The Dutch. This is with a milk chocolate bar and as topping it has the two typical Dutch flavours ‘stroopwafel’ (syrup waffle) and ‘pepernoot’ and also pieces of caramel.
The others are:
Movietime with milk chocolate and as toppings pecan nuts, popcorn, pieces of caramel and salted crispy grains with a layer of cacao.
Sweet Roses with white chocolate and as toppings meringue, crispy sugared strawberry and raspberry pieces and dried rose petals.
So Nutty with white chocolate and as toppings pistachio, almonds, pecan nuts and peanuts.
Heavenly Dark with pure chocolate and as toppings brownies, mocha beans, cacao nibs and popping chocolate.
Spicy Ginger with pure chocolate and as toppings ginger, chilli pepper and seasalt.
Basically, it is a normal KitKat chocolate bar and on the bottom they have put the different toppings on it. I have bought them all and they are 4,50 euros each. I tried almost all of them and I really like the Heavenly Dark because of the mixture of all kind of chocolate flavours together. The Spicy Ginger is really spicy and it really fits the dark chocolate. The Movietime has a bit of a salty taste, but I still like it, since it is not overwhelming. The flavour of the Sweet Roses is too bland and didn’t feel like a whole.

Create your break

You can also create your own KitKat. You first have to buy a ticket, which is also 4,50 euros. Then you get a form where you have to select what you want. You can choose between a dark, milk or white chocolate bar. Then you can choose three from the fifteen flavours, like pistachio, almond, brownie, passion fruit, mini marshmallows, coconut nibs, dried raspberry and dried passionfruit. Then you can choose a design of the package and a text for on the package. Please note that it takes half an hour to make the chocolate bar, because the bar needs to dry. So, make sure you have the time to pick it up again.


I chose to make one with dried passion fruit, golden popping candy and dried raspberry. I thought I chose dark chocolate, which is my favourite flavour, but when I got it, it was white XD. That doesn’t matter to me, it is more prettier for a photo and the white chocolate from KitKat is also very nice. After you have filled in the form, you give it to someone near the counter and behind a glass counter you can see them select your toppings and put them in a box. Then they put melted chocolate on the bottom side of the chocolate bar you chose and they sprinkle your toppings on it. This is when the waiting starts. Mine turned out very beautiful! The passion fruit pieces were a bit sour and the golden popping candy was really funny to have it making popping sounds in your mouth. But it didn’t feel like it fitted as a whole. It would have been more delicious if they would have put other flavours also inside the KitKat instead of only on top of it.

The KitKat Chocolatory is open every day till the 23rd of December 2017. If you are passing by Utrecht CS, why not pop by and check it out. For an impression, check out the video below and also their Facebook page.

KitKat Chocolatory
Stationshal 12C
3511 CE Utrecht

Opening hours
Monday till Friday: 7:00 – 20:00
Saturday: 8:30 – 20:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00


6 thoughts on “KitKat Chocolatory pop-up store at Utrecht CS

  1. 30 minuten wachttijd. Minimaal! In die tijd ben ik al naar de overkant gelopen om bij de kiosk een KitKat tr kopen 😂. Nee mij duurde het te lang.


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