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Matcha hotspots in The Hague

Matcha pudding full moon cityMore matcha hotspots and this time in The Hague! Just like in Rotterdam you can also find a lot of hotspots which offer matcha food in The Hague, some have opened very recently. Read on to discover these hotspots.

Cute Hello Kitty cakes at Set Genki Tei

Set Cafe met Christine, Hannah en Angelique, Den Haag (6)One of the first places I learned about matcha is at SET Genki Tei. They introduced a Hello Kitty high tea and also different matcha drinks. You can choose between warm and cold drinks and a combination of different flavours, like matcha with vanilla, chocolate or caramel. I like the varieties they have, but it taste a little bit too watery and the matcha flavour is not that strong. The desserts they have are cheesecakes, round ones and also in a Hello Kitty shape. Matcha is one of these flavours. The cheesecakes are really nice and have a soft and creamy structure. But it is very small and quite expensive for what you pay for it. They also have a traditional matcha ice cream dessert, but I only saw it at Set Rotterdam.SET Genki TeiSET Genki Tei
Schoolstraat 4
2511 AX Den Haag

Japanese Tea Ceremony at Isshin

IsshinIsshin is a very small shop at the Nieuwstraat. You might miss it if you don’t know it is there. It is worth to check it out, especially if you like the Japanese (tea)culture. They sell all kind of tea, tea products and accessories. I came here because I attended a meetup where I followed a Gyokuru Japanese Tea Tasting workshop. The owner of the shop, Miyuki Oda, is Japanese herself. She started her travel consulting agency, the Brilliant Tours, in April 2016 in the Hague and she decided to open the tea shop Isshin at the beginning of 2017, because she wanted to introduce the real flavours of Japanese green tea to the Dutch people. When I followed the workshop, she explained about the origin of this tea and also about the customs which are accompanied with this tea ceremony.IsshinUnlike the other green tea leaves, Gyokuro is grown in the shadows. This results in giving the tea a higher level of theanine, which is good for more focus and a clear mind. It also gives the tea a deeper flavour. During the ceremony we also got some Japanese snacks, like mochi, and she also let us taste other kinds of tea. Miyuki is really nice and friendly and has a lovely sense of humor. She explained the information very well and I would love to follow another workshop from her. She also cooks different Japanese dishes to take away and they sometimes have homemade matcha ice cream. I would love to try that!IsshinHere you can read more about the meetup with Japanese Exchange. They also organise other events related to the Japanese culture. I am not sure how active they are now.Isshin green teaIsshin
Nieuwstraat 6H
2511 AV The Hague

Matcha tea tasting at HUG THE TEA

HUG THE TEAHUG THE TEA is founded in 2015 by the two sisters Claire and Lisa. They love matcha, Japanese tea and pure and delicious food. In their tea bar you can buy matcha powder and different necessities for making the best matcha tea. You can also buy matcha drinks and sweets like cake, macarons and chocolates with matcha in it. They use organic tea which they import directly from Japanese tea farmers.
Besides their tea bar they also organise matcha workshops, where you can learn how to prepare matcha tea according to the Japanese tea ceremony. They also have tea tasting events every month. I have attended one and during this tea tasting the two sisters introduced different kind of Japanese tea to us. In every round, they also gave us delicious snacks with matcha to try, like cake, dates and macarons. They also showed us how to make tea with matcha powder. I bought the ceremonial matcha powder and a whisk to try at home.

Their tea tasting is really interesting and they gave good insight in the Japanese tea and matcha. You can see that they have a lot of knowledge about it and that they are very passionate about it. If you want to follow one of their workshops, you can find the exact dates of the tea tasting on their facebook event page and buy tickets for it on their website.HUG THE TEAHUG THE TEA Teabar & Shop
Oude Molstraat 16
2513 BB The Hague

Ice cream rolls at Sweet Mirrie’s

Sweet Mirrie'sSweet Mirrie’s opened their doors in spring 2017. Their trademark product is the stir-fried ice cream. This ice cream is originally from Thailand and they were introduced in 2009. While it has been very popular in Asia for many years, they have finally made their way to the Netherlands. Stir-fried ice cream are also known as ice pan ice cream or ice cream rolls. The ice cream is made on a ice plate with a temperature of around -25 degrees. When you choose a ice cream flavour, like matcha, strawberry or tiramisu, they will pour the ice cream base on the plate and use two metal spatulas to shuffle and chop the ice cream base and additional flavour around till it becomes hard. They flatten the icecream on the plate till it is smooth and flat. Then they scrape it up into curls and put it in paper cups. They finish it off with the toppings you have chosen and an addition of whipped cream.

At Sweet Mirrie’s you can choose between different flavour combinations, like Minty Hulk with matcha and fresh mint, Red velvet with white chocolate, Dutch Granny with stroopwafel crums and Granny smith apple and Sweet Morning with coffee and caramel sauce. You can choose between a diversity of toppings, like peanut crunch, chilli powder, rainbow sprinkles and brownie bites. After you made a decision they make it for you instantly within around a minute. When I visited Sweet Mirrie’s they had other flavour combinations, like matcha ice cream with blueberry. I chose this one with dark chocolate sprinkles and my friend chose tiramisu with cacao and chocolate crunch. The matcha flavour was too subtle, but the tiramisu had that nice tiramisu flavour. I am curious about the Minty Hulk flavour, so maybe I should go and try it :). In the shop they also sell waffles with different toppings and cakes. You can also order warm and cold drinks. It is a nice experience, even though the ice cream didn’t taste too special for me.Sweet Mirrie'sSweet Mirrie’s
Korte Poten 18
2511 ED The Hague

Enjoying Taiwanese at T&C Haus

T&C HausT&C Haus is an Taiwanese restaurant and it is the first in the Netherlands. They serve different snacks like the pineapple tart, meals like the beef noodle soup and desserts like matcha and taro desserts.
Matcha toast T&C Haus   Matcha frappe T&C Haus
I tried the matcha toast and the matcha drink. The toast is really nice! They didn’t cut out a hole from the bread but added squared blocks of bread in between with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate. The combination suits well and the matcha taste come out real nicely. The also have matcha drinks, like matcha latte and matcha frappe. I tried the latter. It looks really nice in the cup and they had put a good combination of cream, milk and matcha. Really enjoyable! They also have other desserts with matcha. How will they taste?Taro latte, T&C HausI also recommend the taro latte. They sprinkled taro powder on top of it and it is really creamy and has this delicious taro flavour!T&C HausT&C Haus
Herengracht 48
2511 EJ The Hague

Matcha pudding at Full Moon

Full moon city dim sumFull Moon is a Chinese restaurant. To me this is the best one in The Hague. They have three restaurants near each other: Full Moon Dim Sum & Hot Pot, Full Moon City and Full Moon Express. I have been to the first two and besides delicious dim sum they also have a matcha pudding which I really adore. It is sturdy, but nice and soft and it melts in your mouth! They also have matcha ice cream, but I don’t find that very special. If you like Asian flavours I also recommend the steamed jujube cake with red dates! The flavour of red dates is really strong, love it! Full moon restaurantFull Moon Dim Sum & Hot Pot
Gedempte Burgwal 24-26
2512 BV Den Haag

Matcha everywhere

In my matcha post about Rotterdam, I already mentioned that Bagels and Beans, YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, Amazing Oriental and Wah Nam Hong are places for buying matcha. This is also the case in The Hague.Amazing oriental matcha bischuit rollsIf you know more matcha places in The Hague, Rotterdam or any other city. Just let me know! I would to hear about them. Also check my other posts where I mentioned matcha products.


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