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Sleeping with pastry

Yes, you’ve read it right! It’s a dream of a foodie to be surrounded by food always.This can be with lots of food everywhere or with different kinds of kitchen ware, but you can also have food in your bedroom, like on your quilt cover. What do you think of this colorful pastry quilt cover? Donuts, cupcakes, lollies and macarons. That’s waking up with food!

Dekbed Discounter gave me the opportunity to try out their quilt covers. I choose this pastry quilt cover, because it suits me as a foodlover. It is sold under the section for children, but it fits every one person bed (140x200mm). The quilt cover is from the brand Good Morning and it is made from 100% cotton. Dekbed Discounter sells all kinds of quilt covers from different brands. Together with the quilt cover you get a matching pillowcase.

I especially like it because it is so colorful and full of deliciousness. Compared with the photo online I do miss the black lines around the pastries which makes the pastries stand out more from the white background, now it has a more paintlike pattern, which is still very nice.

When I ordered it online, it went very quick and I got updated about the whole process from the order till the delivery. If you order one quilt cover it fits through your mailbox, so you don’t have to wait for it at home. It would be better to order more, because you have to pay for the fixed shipping costs of 5,95 euros in the Netherlands and 6,95 euros for Belgium.

Besides quilt covers, Dekbed Discounter also offers different boxspringsets, fitted sheets, pillowcases and mattresses. The boxspringsets are new in their assortment and this is a is a type of bed base which consist of a sturdy frame covered in a cloth and it contains springs. The advantage of a boxspring is that it raises the height of the mattress so it is easier to step in or out of bed. It absorbs shock, reduces wear to the mattress and it creates a firm and flat surface for your mattress. Dekbed Discounter sells a lot of different kinds and it’s worth to check it out!


22 thoughts on “Sleeping with pastry

  1. woow mooie foto’s heb je, welk fototoestel gebruik je? Heb je ook een speciale filter gebruikt (zoja welke?) ik wil dit ook kunnen.




    1. Hey Caro, dank je wel! Ik heb mijn Samsung Galaxy S8 gebruikt! Voor het uploaden van de foto’s ga ik er met Lightroom doorheen en ik maak ze vaak dan wat helderder en warmer van kleur. Verder doe ik weinig aan mijn foto’s.


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