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Dudok opens new cafe in park near Euromast

If I say Dudok, you will certainly think about their famous apple pie. You can enjoy this pie at different cafes and restaurants especially in the area around Rotterdam and the Hague. Dudok also has its own cafe with the oldest one at the Meent in Rotterdam. Yesterday they opened their newest one in the park near the Euromast in Rotterdam. I was invited to try out their high tea. Curious about it? Read more.

Their newest cafe is called Dudok In Het Park and is located in Het Heerenhuys, a national monument from 1750. This location is used for weddings and small parties. By opening Dudok In Het Park, it is now also possible to come by for breakfast, coffee with cake, high tea, lunch or drinks. You can choose from different breakfast and lunch dishes, snacks and of course cake from the famous Dudok bakery, like their apple pie. You can check their menu over here.

When I arrived, there was already a lot of people. Due to the nice weather everyone was gathered outside at first. Later on we were invited to go inside. The room was really beautiful decorated with flowers and the wall was painted with trees.

Not long after we were seated, we got the high tea which is served for four persons. We had savoury things like quiche, sandwiches with salmon, croquettes with (I think) sweet potato and a bun with cream cheese and cucumber.

We also got lots of sweet stuff, like scones, chocolate cake, lemon cake and carrot cake muffins and yoghurt with meringue and strawberries.
I did miss the famous Dudok apple pie, but the high tea was very nice. The sweet stuff were not too sweet, so it felt more balanced. From the savoury stuff they only had dishes with white buns and white bread. I would love to have them with more whole grain alternatives. With the food we could choose tea flavours from Legends of Tea from Smit & Dorlas. I had Earl Grey Cornflower tea, which is an energizing tea. I really liked the tea and I really love the food from Dudok. I would recommend them to everyone to try it out.

Dudok In Het Park will be open from Tuesday to Sunday during the day, but with good weather it is also open until later for dinner, with the possibilities to sit outside at the heated terrace. During summer time there will also be live performances on Sundays from various musicians and ensembles who provide a varied selection: from jazz to classical music to world music and everything in between. Here you can find the agenda.

The terrace is in front of the cafe and you have a beautiful view of the park and the lake. It is also nice to take a walk in the park before or after a visit to the cafe. The park is best reachable when you go by bike. When you take the tram you still have to walk a bit.

Dudok In Het Park
Baden Powellaan 12
3016GJ Rotterdam

Opening hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday till Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
With good weather it is open longer


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