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Exploring foodspots in The Hague

Last year I got the chance to join a foodtour in Leiden, which was organised by Louise from Keukenatelier. This March we had another foodtour. This time it was in The Hague and it was organised by Wendy from Mevr. Yan and Andrea from Anniepannie. We were joined by Louise from Keukenatelier, Marjolein from Echtegerechten, Inge from Pinkiewise, and Hilde from Slow Foody. We visited a lot of Asian foodspots. Read on if you want to know which one we have visited.

Gingershot and Asian style baguette

The foodtour was about to start at 11:00am in the morning, but there was a bit of a delaytion, because Inge and Hilde had to come all the way from Groningen (such diehards!) and Marjolein had another appointment in the morning.

We started at 11:30am and we were welcomed at Grab N Bite for a gingershot. The gingershot was mixed with a bit of apple and lemon and we had to drink it in one shot. Why? Because the strong ginger flavour will be even stronger when you take sips. I really like ginger and sometimes I find it too strong, but I really loved the shot. After taking the shot, I could feel it burning in my throat and then in my stomach.
At Grab N Bite you can order a lot of different kind of drinks, like sesame latte, matcha latte or choco macchiato. They also have some delicious food, like baguettes with special fillings, like kimchi tempeh, lemon grass tofu, Korean chicken or honey pork.

We were suppose to sit down at Grab N Bite for a delicious Asian style baguette, but because we had to leave to our next stop we now got a real Grab N Bite and took the baguette with us to the next foodspot. This was a lemongrass chicken baguette with pickles and coriander.

It was a really delicious combination with juicy pieces of chicken, which filled our bellies while we walked to our next destination. It was a good snack for on the way!

Grab N Bite
Herengracht 22
2511 EJ ’s Gravenhage

Tea tasting

Our next destination is a small coffee and tea shop at the Denneweg, which is located on this street from 1853. It is fully packed and you can find all kind of different types of tea and coffee, but also old tools and machinery that the owner Krista still uses to make and prepare the coffee and tea.

Especially for this foodtour she organised a tea tasting for us. While she told us about the history of coffee and tea, we got to taste special combined packages of tea leaves, like rooibos chai, cacaotea, silky oolong, melati (a mixture of different kind of tea leaves) and a champagne tea which was mixed with sparkling water. This one we had to drink it cold. It looked like normal champagne without any alcohol flavour to it. It was sparkling, fruity and really delicious.

We also got to taste a typical Haagsche Kakker. This is a kind of raisin bread (krentenbrood) filled with almond paste, cinnamon, butter and nuts. It is made by the brothers Frans and Hans Hessing from Bakkerij Hessing. It tasted really delicious, like a good firm cake with raisins.

Last but not least, we got to taste spekkoek liqueur. Spekkoek (kue lapis legit or spekuk in Indonesian) is an Indonesian layer cake with a mix of Indonesian spices, such as cardamom and cinnamon. We got one shot. Even though I don’t drink alcohol, I wanted to try a sip. It is creamy and had a slight taste of spekkoek in it.

I really like coffee, so I bought a strong dark roasted Cuba coffee and a more milder melati coffee, which she mixed with different kinds of coffee beans. She sorted them very swiftly and she knew exactly which flavours and amount fitted to this mixture. I already tasted the coffee at home and it has a soft flavour to it, while the other one tasted more darker, but not bitter. Delicious!

Inproc Koffiebranderij
Denneweg 63
2514 CD Den Haag

Little Korean restaurant

Our next stop was Mr. Bap, a little Korean restaurant run by Korean people. I have eaten here before and I liked their japchae (Korean stir fried glass noodles) very much.

This time we had kim bap, mandu (Korean dumplings with vegetables and seafood), kimchi pancakes and dubu jeon (tofu pancake with vegetables). We also tried out four different Korean drinks, like sweet cinnamon punch and rice punch.

They were very sweet and the taste was very different from what I know, but I like the cinnamon taste. About the food, I never tasted the tofu pancakes before, but I like them very much. All the other dishes had a good flavour to it. What I like about these small Korean restaurants are that the flavours are more authentic then when you get them at an all you can eat Korean bbq.

Mr. Bap
Driehoekjes 37
2513 AZ Den Haag

Asian foodshopping

After all the eating, we got to see more food, but this time for buying. We visited the Amazing Oriental supermarket in The Hague, one of the largest Asian supermarket chain in the Netherlands. They have more than 20 stores through the whole of the Netherlands, like in Rotterdam, Groningen, Arnhem, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Maastricht.

You can buy a lot of Asian food, like Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese. In this store you can also buy a lot of fresh vegetables. Most of the customers come for the vegetables, but also for fresh tofu, noodles or frozen food. We got an introduction from the manager of the store and after some of us bought some food, we moved on to our next destination.

Amazing Oriental Den Haag Spuimarkt
Grote Marktstraat 113
2511 BJ Den Haag

Indonesian food tasting

We went to an Indonesian restaurant which is more outside the city centre and more in the direction of train station Holland Spoor. It’s small and very cosy. All the food is displayed at the bar and the owner made a rijsttafel for us to try out.
We had satay, gado-gado (Indonesian salad), daging smoor (stewed brisket in soy sauce), tempeh goreng (spicy sambal), ayam opor (chicken stew) and sambal goreng telor (Indonesian spicy eggs). It was really nice and not too spicy. I especially like the satay with the delicious homemade peanut sauce and I am a fan of tempeh. That dish was also very delicious.
 It is a very nice place to try and it taste similar to other Indonesian restaurants I have tried.

Warung Bude Kati
Wagenstraat 190
2512 BB Den Haag

Chinese food and bakery

Next stop is St. Anny Tea House. I know this place from the one in Rotterdam and I really love their sweet cakes, cha siu bao (Chinese pork bun 叉烧包) and youtiao (油条), also known as Chinese fried dough or Chinese crullers. What’s new for me is that they also have savoury dishes and snacks, like pork belly and soya chicken. And you can also sit there and eat. 

We went behind the scenes to see how they prepared some dishes. We saw how they made pork belly, duck, soya chicken and egg tarts. The pork belly is very fresh and really crispy when it is cut.   
We tried this and the egg tart. You know the delicious custard tart (dan ta 蛋挞) from Hong Kong? We saw them preparing it.


We also tried Pig’s ear (猪耳), which was chewy but nice and we had phoenix cookies, also known as baked pork cookies (鸡仔饼), but there is pork and chicken in it. The flavour is strange, it feels both sweet and savoury. Not easy to place, but I liked it.

Last but not least we also got cakerolls in different colors. It’s delicious and very divers. They really gave nice insights in what they had to offer.

St. Anny Tea House
Wagenstraat 77
2512 AR Den Haag

Filling our bellies with more Asian food

Our last stop was at Full Moon City. It is beside Full Moon Dim Sum & Hot Pot and Full Moon Express. I haven’t tried the last one, but I always go to Full Moon City. I really love their dim sum and other dishes. We had scallops, steamed oysters, traditional Beijing duck with pancakes, chicken wings with honey and pepper, Chinese broccoli, soft shell crab with pepper and garlic, steamed rice noodle with shrimp or meat, mango fish, red date pudding and much more. Everything we couldn’t finish, we could take home in a doggy bag.

With Full Moon City we ended the foodtour and everyone went home again. It was really fun, we made a lot of photos again and I also learned much more about everything. I hope you are inspired to visit one of these nice foodspots and explore more of The Hague. Can’t wait for our next food tour!

Full Moon City
Raamstraat 75
2512 BW Den Haag

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