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Capri ice cream with a twist

Ice cream anyone? You can count me in! Not only during summer, but also on winter days I crave for ice cream. There a lot of places where you can enjoy ice cream. Have you ever heard of Capri ijs en delicatessen at the Middellandplein in Rotterdam? You might know Capri IJssalon which is in the city centre of Rotterdam, they are from the same chain, but the concept of Capri ijs en delicatessen is much more advance, have you ever tried warm bread with ice cream in it or an ice cream on a cookie? These are some creative dishes they have. Read on to know more about it.

I attended a foodbloggersevent and we were welcomed with coffee and tea together with a scoop of ice cream. In the meanwhile the owners told us more about the history of Capri ijs en delicatessen and their menu.

At the Middellandplein there has always been an ice salon since the seventies. In 2008 Carpi ijs en delicatessen took it over. This year they had a makeover and gave it a twist. While the previous one had an old typical ice cream salon look, this one has a fresh blue and white color.

If you know Capri from the citycentre, you also know their ice cream. Capri is a franchise and also makes ice cream for restaurants and other locations. They have one main kitchen where all the ice cream is made and distributed to the other locations. But what’s more innovative about this Capri is that they have other dishes with ice cream, like warm bread with ice cream in it, an ice cream on a cookie, milkshake with three different ice cream flavours and the Capri Super IJshoorn. When you just want to have one scoop of ice cream you can choose from 24 different flavours and 6 of them are vegan flavours. They also have vegan whipped cream and vegan cookies.
We could choose three items from their menu to try out. I chose the following and shared it with two other foodbloggers (even for me this is too much to eat all alone, hehe):

I tried out the warm bread ice cream with mango, lemon and watermelon ice cream finished with coconut flakes and mango sauce. This was a special of the month July and it is called the Summer Vibe Combo. You should eat it immediately after it has been served. The bread is still warm then, but the ice cream is cold. It is a really delicious combination, since the bread is soft and the ice cream melts in your mouth with every bite. Amazing!

I also tried the Dreamy Red velvet. This is an Ice Cream Cookie Surprise with red velvet cookie, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla and strawberry ice cream together with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and white chocolate flakes. The cookie was nice. It was hard and it wasn’t easy to eat it as a whole, so I crumbled the cookie and combined it with a bit of ice cream and whipped cream so I can still taste it as a whole.

And then there was the Capri Super IJshoorn, where I tried the ‘Only for Chocolate lovers’. It is a huge Capri cone with chocolate, mandorlato (hard nougat) and stracciatella ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes. It is really a calorie bomb, but worth the try! It was beautifully decorated and it wasn’t too sweet or bitter from the chocolate. I really enjoyed it.

Other food bloggers tried out the Pretty Pink Milkshake. This is a Crazy Mega Shake with strawberry, watermelon and raspberry ice cream together with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and candy. Doesn’t it look colorful?

Before we left, we also enjoyed a delicious special coffee. They had coffee with caramel sauce and nuts, chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes; and white chocolate sauce with white chocolate flakes. All are served with a similar flavour icecream. Delicous and a nice way to end the visit to Capri.

I really love Capri ijs en delicatessen. The blue and white color gives the cafe a fresh and modern look. Their ice cream is really heavenly and I like their creative ice cream dishes. I also like it that they also give vegan alternatives, also for their ice cream dishes.

If you are in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to come by and visit!

Capri ijs en delicatessen
Middellandplein 32A
3021 BV Rotterdam

Opening hours
Monday till Sunday: 12:00 – 23:00
On sunny days and during the Ramadan they are open longer.

With thanks to Dev en Des for the last photo and making this foodblogevent possible.


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