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Winter high tea at The Duchess

Do you like going on a high tea with friends? I certainly do. There are a lot of places where they serve a high tea. You can choose different kinds, like luxurious ones or only sweet ones. I tried out the one at The Duchess in Amsterdam. They received one Michelin Star this year. Due to the Christmas seasons, we got a special winter afternoon tea.

The Duchess is located in the former KAS Bank in the W Hotel Amsterdam since the summer of 2015. When you walk inside you see a beautiful mixture between the traditional London style and Viennesse grandeur. The Duchess has been rewarded for one Michelin Star due to their high quality of cooking, where they use top quality ingredients to create dishes with distinct flavours. These flavours are carefully prepared to a consistently high standard.

When attending the afternoon tea, you can choose different versions, like the normal high tea, a high tea with the Mariage Frères tea pot, a deluxe version with the Mariage Frères tea pot and more high tea dishes or a deluxe version with a glass of Champagne. We took the deluxe version with the Mariage Frères tea pot.

Mariage Frères is one of the oldest French importer of tea. They have an exclusive mixture of tea blends. During the high tea we could choose different kind of teas during our whole stay, some we tried were the Wedding Imperial (Assam black tea with chocolate and caramel notes), Marco Polo Blue (Oolong tea with fruits and flowers from China and Tibet) and L’Opera (Fruity green tea with the fragrance of red berries). On their website you can find the full list of tea blends and also a list of the different kind of champagne they serve.

After we had chosen which tea blend we wanted, we got a festive punch as our first serve. Slowly all the other dishes arrived, like the typical high tea dish: scones! We had apple and cinnamon scones served with mixed fruit jam and clotted cream. Due to the Christmas theme we got a star shaped plum cookie, gingerbread cookie and a soft Christmas wreath cake.

Then we got the high tea standard with a cute snowman macaron, an eclair with Christmas tree, yule log, candy cane profiterole and cranberry explosion. And also one big bowl of cotton candy.

There were also lots of savoury stuff, like spicy tuna salad, rotisserie chicken with pineapple, cured beef with mustard and horseradish, smoked salmon with creme fraiche and caviar, a quiche with spanish omelette with paprika, and a donut with foie gras ganache and fig chutney. Extra savoury dishes were the lamb burger with red pepper relish, nicoise tuna skewer and pecorino toastie with black truffle.

As you can see, it was a lot! We were really stuffed after eating so much delicious stuff! To me it wasn’t necessary to order the extra dishes. I especially like the sweet dishes, because they had a good mixture of flavours. The savoury dishes were also nice, but some were already cold when they served it to us. I liked how beautiful the dishes are and they explained us what everything was when they served it to us. A downside about their service was that they were a bit slow, we sometimes had to wait long for our next round of dishes and they didn’t always remove our empty plates, we actually had to ask them for that.

I heard the dishes are better if you come for dinner or try their desserts. I think it is better if you just order what you want. You can check their menu on their website, the menu of the normal high tea is also there. Nevertheless, The Duchess is definitely worth a visit, especially for their amazing interior.

The Duchess Tea Room

Spuistraat 172
1012 VT Amsterdam

Opening Hours Tea Room
Monday – Saturday 11:00 – 23:00
Sunday 11:00 – 23:30
See their website for the other opening hours

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