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Fancy dining at Sushisamba Amsterdam

Do you like sushi or other Japanese food? You see a lot of Japanese restaurants popping up in the Netherlands. One of them is the franchise Sushisamba. With restaurants in Miami, Las Vegas, London and New York, they have opened a new one in Amsterdam in September. On social media you could read that you… Continue reading Fancy dining at Sushisamba Amsterdam

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Tasting Wagyu beef in Amsterdam

Have you ever heard of Wagyu beef? This beef is originally from Japan and is also known as Kobe beef. It’s very popular due to the tender flavour which partly comes from the intense marbling. Due to it’s high quality, Wagyu beef is the most expensive and most demanding meat in the world. When I… Continue reading Tasting Wagyu beef in Amsterdam

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Malaysian foodspots in the Netherlands

Even though I have Malaysian roots, I have not been exposed a lot to the Malaysian (food)culture. I got to know more about it when I met some Malaysian students in my study time and when I went to Malaysia and Singapore in 2014. Later on I notice that there are more Malaysian people living… Continue reading Malaysian foodspots in the Netherlands

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Red velvet hotspots

Red velvet cake! You have probably heard about this sweet, reddish cake. Flown over from America it has become more and more popular here in the Netherlands. There are a few cafes and shops that sell red velvet cake. Read more about the places I have visited. The traditional American red velvet cake consists of… Continue reading Red velvet hotspots

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Foodworkshop: Discovering the Authentic Pakistani food culture

I love to eat and I love to try out new things. But what I really really like, is to learn how to cook wonderful dishes. I don’t have the ambition to become a professional chef, but I enjoy the process of making something delicious from scratch. To fulfill this ambition I decided to cook… Continue reading Foodworkshop: Discovering the Authentic Pakistani food culture

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Tony’s Chocolonely opens own shop

Chocolate! Who doesn’t love to eat it! If you like to eat fair-trade chocolate, you are probably familiar with the chocolate by Tony’s Chocolonely. Besides focusing on making chocolate 100% slave free, they also bring out crazy chocolate flavours. This Dutch chocolate brand just opened a shop in Amsterdam near their office. And they have… Continue reading Tony’s Chocolonely opens own shop