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FoodExplore: first food court in Utrecht

Food courts are popping up everywhere now. It is very convenient to have an indoor space with places to sit and lots of food vendors and restaurants to choose your food from. The first food courts in the Netherlands are the Foodhallen in Amsterdam and the Markthal in Rotterdam, which both opened in October 2014.… Continue reading FoodExplore: first food court in Utrecht

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Fancy dining at Sushisamba Amsterdam

Do you like sushi or other Japanese food? You see a lot of Japanese restaurants popping up in the Netherlands. One of them is the franchise Sushisamba. With restaurants in Miami, Las Vegas, London and New York, they have opened a new one in Amsterdam in September. On social media you could read that you… Continue reading Fancy dining at Sushisamba Amsterdam

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Malaysian chef Norman Musa serves 8-course dinner in Leiden

The Malaysian master chef Norman Musa was in the Netherlands for three days. He held a Malaysian Supper Club in the authentic bistro restaurant De Gaanderij in Leiden. This was organised by Caroline Wimmers from Marketing for Foodies. Visitors could come to enjoy an 8 course dinner with delicious Malaysian tapas style dishes. Together with… Continue reading Malaysian chef Norman Musa serves 8-course dinner in Leiden

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Proeft Rotterdam 2017: Taste the street

Food Trucks and food festivals are being organised frequently. Rotterdam has different food festivals throughout the year. One of them is Proeft Rotterdam which has been organized every year since 2011. It is held only one day at the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. This year it was on Sunday the 24th of September. I came across this… Continue reading Proeft Rotterdam 2017: Taste the street

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Enjoying mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival

On the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar it’s Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 again. It is also called Moon Festival and it is the second most important festival in China and some other Asian countries, like Taiwan and Hong Kong. All the traditional festivals in China are related to the harvest and… Continue reading Enjoying mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival

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Poké Bowl Original opens second store in Rotterdam

Poké Bowl, this delicious healthy bowl with rice, fish and vegetables, is getting more popular here in the Netherlands. In August 2016 the first store was opened by Poké Bowl Original in the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam and they just opened another store in Rotterdam. This one is at the Karel Doormanstraat and I attended their… Continue reading Poké Bowl Original opens second store in Rotterdam

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First pandas in the Netherlands

Pandas! Everyone knows this cute black and white bear from China. Since april 2017 we can also admire the pandas in the Netherlands. Together with other volunteers from the Dutch World Wide Fund (WWF) I got the chance to see them. There are not many pandas in the wild. Due to deforestation and the rapid… Continue reading First pandas in the Netherlands

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Tasting Wagyu beef in Amsterdam

Have you ever heard of Wagyu beef? This beef is originally from Japan and is also known as Kobe beef. It’s very popular due to the tender flavour which partly comes from the intense marbling. Due to it’s high quality, Wagyu beef is the most expensive and most demanding meat in the world. When I… Continue reading Tasting Wagyu beef in Amsterdam

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Matcha hotspots in Rotterdam

Matcha tea, matcha powder, matcha ice cream, matcha cake…. Yes! Everything matcha! I am crazy about this greenish stuff with it’s origin from Japan. Matcha products are becoming more and more known here and many restaurants and cafes already sell products containing matcha. I visited many of these places already and I am happy and… Continue reading Matcha hotspots in Rotterdam